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What is a Dashcam?

A Dashcam is a small video camera that attaches to your car’s windshield and continuously records video as you drive.

Dashcams were popularized in Russia; more than likely you have seen footage from a Russian dashboard camera. Sometimes a dashcam is called a Car DVR (Digi­tal Video Recorder), a car black box or an in-car camera system.

A dashcam can normally store around 5 hours of video footage at any one time but this can be increased by using a larger memory card. The footage is saved in separate files each one 3 minutes long (time can be changed in settings).

Once the memory card is full the dashcam simply overwrites the oldest file with the new ones. This way the cameras always have the last 5 hours or so of footage stored on the card.

If a particularly interesting event is recorded this particular file can be saved so that the dashcam does not overwrite it.

Why is it called a “Dashcam”?

Dashcams, or dashboard cameras, got their name due to originally being mounted on the dashboard of vehicles (mostly police cars). Now most dashcams mount to a car’s windshield with a secure and easy to use suction cup mount, but the dashcam name is here to stay!

Dashcams have a multitude of benefits and interesting reasons for having them installed in your vehicle.

1. Truthful accident reporting

In the event that your car is involved in an accident a dashcam recording can be used as evidence to prove you were not in the wrong. Without a dashcam it is one person’s word against another.

 2. Proof

To police you were not committing any driving offence.As wonderful as Kenyan police are, we all come across the occasional bad egg who has his own agenda. Once they realize everything they say is being recorded they soon see the light. Have a nice day officer.

 3. Capture those crazy moments

To share with friends,why try and explain the hilarious incident you saw today when you know you needed to be there to enjoy. Now your friends can be there to see it too.

 4. Interior protection

Dashcams are now available with dual lens which are extremely useful in protecting individuals that carry other passengers such as taxi drivers. This acts as a deterrent to prevent any wrong doing against the driver and should anything happen the perpetrator is captured on film.

5. Dashcams have very useful functions

‘G’ Sensor: Automatically starts recording when the vehicle is knocked, capture them as they pass by to get their vehicle number. Can be used as evidence.

Motion detector: Automatically starts recording when a person moves in close proximity to the camera.

6. They are just fun!!!

The Dashcam Center will have numerous different types and brands of dashcams mounted on display with a 10” monitor above looping video clips taken by its respective dashcam making it very easy for prospective customers to see the quality images the cameras take. Each Dashcam will also have a data sheet next to it for the more technical customer.