Drivers in Nairobi are gradually adopting Dash Cams to provide evidence for insurance claims, stop vandals from robbing their cars, and locate drivers who might have taken off after causing an accident.

Still, you could be one of the few who are yet to decide whether a Dash Cam is right for you. To aid in your decision-making, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of having a DashCam.


  1. In case of an accident, dashcam footage can provide an accurate account of what really happened, potentially saving you from hefty expenses.
  2. Insurance scams are quite common. But with a dashcam, you can avoid such traps by criminals who stage accidents in the hope of claiming false injuries and collect money from insurance companies.
  3. If you are concerned about vandals ransacking your car while it is parked, then get a dashcam camera. The device can provide useful to be used as evidence incase of vandalism or theft.
  4. The device can be used to monitor driving skills. If you are an amateur driver, it can help you catch your mistakes and improve your skills.
  5. Since it is not possible to use your smartphone to take photos while driving, you can use your dashcam to capture interesting scenery during a journey.



  1. If your dashcam proves to be a distraction, do not use it. If you suddenly find yourself fiddling with it, you could find yourself getting injured, or even losing your life due to an accident.
  2. Be sure you are aware of the laws governing the State you are in, as it could be illegal to record someone without their consent.
  3. Some older dashcam models do not have a loop, and stop recording as soon as their memory is full.


Having such points in mind, it is now easier to decide whether or not to invest in a dashcam. Prices range from Ksh. 5000-Ksh 40, 000. The dashcams in the higher price range come equipped with features such as GPS tracking and WiFi connectivity.

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