multifunctional jumpstarter (18000mAh)


key features:

  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, Robust and Compact Design
  • Very high-performance 18000mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Multiple protection charge/discharge and overcharge/undercharge
  • Simple one button operation
  • LED torch, Strobe and SOS flashlight
  • Retains power for months
  • 12v Battery jump-start facility for all Diesel and Petrol engines, including marine
    Compact and robust zip carry case
  • Recharges from the mains or Car USB or our Folding Solar Panels
  • Variable voltage of 5v, 12v and 19v Output
  • Compatible with all mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry™, Nokia™, iPad, Digital Cameras, PSP, ND, PDA, Mp3/Mp 4 player, GPS, E-Lites, electric cigarettes, Bluetooth , Garmin and all USB charged devices



  • Universal very high-performance large capacity Premium Power Bank and external battery
  • Will recharge all USB charged devices, (dual USB), including all mobile phones and 5v tablets
  • Variable voltage facility of 12v and 19v to charge most other portable devices including Notebooks and Laptops
  • Petrol (up to 6L )or Diesel (up to 4L) engine 350- 750amp peak, 12v battery jump starter
  • High power Led torch, SoS flashlight, Strobe light
  • Recharges from the mains (5 hours), 12v car socket or MSC Folding Solar
  • Able to jump start a Diesel/Petrol boat or vehicle engine over 20 + times per recharge
    Over 8 full charges of a standard phone per recharge
  • Premium Lithium-ion battery holds charge for months
  • Supplied with 4 x USB phone connectors (Apple Lightning, Apple 32 pin, micro and mini USB ) selection of laptop ‘tips’ and battery jump leads
  • Comes with both 14v/1A mains and car charger
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