panoramic camera (720°)


key features:

  • Ultra Portable And Unimaginable Small Size Comes with small like a table tennis, take it easily in your pocket or bag, records your journey time in multi-angle views.
  • Perfectly compatible with HTL, LG, HUAWEI, Samsung, Sony, ZTE and other android phones (Specific models please see product Image 8 ), please note –( Do not support IOS system. plug into your Android smartphones directly(Micro USB 2.0/Type-C), and enjoy your volume of 360 Degree photos , and videos
  • Multi-angle views record and ulti-angle modes: Fisheye-lens, Crystal-ball, Asteroid, perspective, breaks the visual limits. F2.4 Aperture, 1080P video, double 210° Wide Angle Fisheye lens, easy shooting, real-time preview, makes your works unordinary.

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dual 360 Degree spherical lens, 720° Angle of view, use semmetry fisheye design, transverse longitudinal 360°x 360° full perspective, deliver astonishing and luxury visual experience no matter which angle to focus, you can get 720 degree panoramic photos or videos.


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