VT900 is an multifunctional WCDMA 3G GPS Tracker which is designed for fleet management, public transportation management, school bus management, taxi operation management, vehicle insurance company management, rent car management and private car antitheft, etc..VT900 have full functions to cover the normal demands of vehicle tracking. With following optional accessories to extend wide range of application.



GPS Vehicle Tracker VT900 Feature:

-SMS and GPRS/WCDMA TCP/UDP Communication

-AGPS ( with GSM/WCDMA/WCDMA Base Station ID)

-Track on Demand

-Show Location Directly on Mobile Phone

-Track by Time Interval/Distance

-Anti-Jammer (optional)

-GSM/WCDMA Blind Area Memory

-Inbuilt Motion Sensor for Power Saving

-Movement Alarm

-Geo-fencing Control

-Low Battery Alarm

-Speeding Alarm

-GPS Blind Area Alarm (in/out)

-Power-cut Alarm

-Engine Cut (Stop Engine)

-I/O: 3 digital inputs , 2 outputs and 1 analog inputs, 1 RS232

-RFID Reader Optional

-Magnetic Card Reader Optional

-OTA (upgrade firmware over the air)