Dash cams are a relatively new concept for car owners, especially here in Kenya.

So, what is a dash cam?


A dash cam or a dashboard camera is an onboard camera that continuously records the scene through a car’s windscreen. A dash cam could be attached to the interior windscreen or on the top of the vehicle’s dashboard.


Why choose to use a Dashcam 

Peace of mind when driving on the roads

A driver needs to feel and be safe on the road. So why not use this device to protect against potential incidents of road rage, while remaining fully aware of your own driving speed with the safety camera alerts.

Useful for parents

Parents tend to be distracted when driving. They are often tired whilst driving, being talked to by several children at once, thinking about other family issues, handing out food, drinks, and toys to the children.

Due to such distractions, it could be impossible for the parents to see everything that is taking place on the road. As a result, more and more parents are purchasing dash cams for peace of mind, an extra eye on the road, and as a source of memory.


Dash cams are easy to use. They are also quick and simple to set up. You should consider getting one, if you already haven’t.

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